Q & A

— Frequently Asked Questions —

How much of the hull does the Keelcrab clean?

The Keelcrab has the ability to clean 80% to 90% of the submerged hull, including the keel on sail boats.  It does a great job of cleaning the waterline.

What can’t be cleaned?

Keelcrab is not able to clean propellers, prop shafts, small trim tabs and some rudders.

What type of growth does the Keelcrab remove?

Keelcrab is most effective at removing algae and vegetation, particularly on boats that have been hauled out within the past 12 months.  

The Keelcrab cannot remove barnacles or other hard growth.  With regular cleaning this would not be an issue, as the barnacles would not have a chance to grow.  We recommend choosing a regular cleaning program from our Service Plan Page.

Where will you clean my boat?

If your boat is parked at a slip in a marina and you have shore power nearby then we will come to you, no need to move the boat.  If you are on a swing mooring or somewhere without power then you will need to move to a temporary dock in a marina or boatyard that can provide shore power.

Do my mooring lines have to be moved?

No, the Keelcrab can manoeuvre without the need to adjust any lines.  Hullcleaner employees will not adjust any lines or devices attached to your vessel.  

What limitations are there?

The waters around southern Vancouver Island rarely dip below 5 degrees therefore we are able to operate all year round.

Where does hullcleaner.ca operate?

Presently we are concentrated on the waters around Victoria, Sidney, Sooke and southern Vancouver Island.  Contact us to see if we can accommodate you outside this region.