Introducing a unique new concept in hull cleaning.  

Using an underwater drone we can clean the hull of your vessel while it remains secured at your slip or alongside a dock.
We can reduce your annual costs through our regular maintenance program or just a single clean. Check out our service plans for more information. is priviledged to be the first to introduce KEELCRAB to Western Canada.  The KEELCRAB is an underwater ROV, designed to perform semi-automated cleaning operations. 

The Keelcrab gently attaches itself to the hull through its unique suction action and engineered rubber tracks.  This allows the drone to easily move in all directions on any surface while remaining underwater. The central counter-rotating nylon bristle brushes gently scrub the hull.  The strength and type of brushes can be easily interchanged depending on your needs (Keelcrab will not remove hard fixed growth such as barnacles.) The brushes are A.N.C.C.P. certified and do not remove or interfere with anti-fouling paints.  By removing the first layer of algae and vegetation, barnacle formation is prevented and the efficiency of your antifouling paint is prolonged. The Keelcrab is easily maneuvered from the tethered remote control station using the onboard HD camera and LED lights.  The camera allows the process to be recorded, providing you with a clear picture of your hull, before and after.   



A clean hull results in optimal performance.  Get to where you are going more efficiently.


With the significant reduction in fuel consumption, a clean hull means less C02 in the atmosphere.


Choose the package best suited for your needs.

Presently serving the Lower Vancouver Island area.